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David Lin well

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italotoffolo 5 Stars

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Johan Great program for keeping track of all your notes, meetings, screen captures...

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Guest windows 7 cant accepted this new version

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Murtuza This program organizes project information, but it takes time to master its many functions. The tabbed interface is intuitive with a mix of information panels and note-entry areas. Readability is good with full control of screen color and fonts. The program takes input in many forms such as documents, onscreen handwritten notes, and media files. Microsoft OneNote's outline and search functions collate and outline the project data. This program doesn't have a particular method of use; you are expected to build your project in a way that fits your method of organization. To help new users, Microsoft includes an introductory guide, which explains most functions. This program does require immediate registration to use and some functions are disabled until purchase. An irritation is that disabled functions can be selected, which forces users to cancel numerous registration dialog boxes. Though it is an 82MB download, this program is worth a look. Novice users and those with small projects would do well with a basic word processor, but anyone looking to take notes and collate research will find this a worthy program... smile smile smile

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Guest Functions and versatility not found in other notebooks. I use it every day.

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Michael really good

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Guest great

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